Vekon Air Purifier for Car



• PM 2.5 detection (display by facial expression)
• Aroma therapy function HEPA filter net
• Color : Black
• Body material : ABS
• Working area : <10m2 HEPA
• Size : 45*45 MM
• Input : DC 5V 2A
• Speed : <20m3/h
• Anion concentrations : >8 millions
• Working noise : <30 db


VeKon FreshKon Series Car Purifier makes your car safe. The purifier has HEPA filter which eliminate air pollution.. Apart from these, car space gets heavily polluted with odours, smoke, car fumes, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, This purifier protects you from these things.
The purifiers display also shows you the current pollution levels ,you can see the temperature also inside the car.
The Purifier can be fixed in the car, we provide the adhesive base to stick it. We also provide the power adapter with USB connector to power up the Purifier.


• Car ac air passes through HEPA filter
• Filter cleans the air in the car
• Air sensor detects and tell you the quality of air in the car
• You can put fragrance strip of your choice
• Purifier works on 5V which is avaible in the car


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